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Sprout Kids Dentistry is the preferred dental destination for kids of every age since it offers a fun environment that removes the anxiety kids may have regarding visiting a dentist. Our young patients who may be apprehensive about a dental visit easily forget their fears and this helps us ingrain good oral hygiene habits in them. Dr. Anderson and her team of expert dentists offer diagnosis and treatment for different pediatric concerns to patients from Roxbury. We keep in mind the various weaknesses and strengths of our patients in a bid to offer superior care, helping each child get optimum results at Sprout Kids Dentistry. Children with special needs face more anxiety than usual in a new place and it is our endeavor to offer the most comfort so that they easily go through their appointments and procedural treatments.

We ensure that every patient gets individual attention and your appointments will be scheduled at such times when your child is the most alert. We also keep in mind the unique likes and dislikes of all our patients and this ensures that they look forward to their visits to Sprout Kids Dentistry. It remains our goal to instill good oral hygiene habits in our patients that lasts a lifetime.

Our team ensures the best in dental care and results. When our young patients feel comfortable in our dental environment, it helps our team to offer easy and accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Unfortunately, most parents are of the opinion that dental hygiene ends with their kids brushing their teeth well and regular dental visits are not required. You should realize that taking your children for regular dental visits is advantageous to them. This helps them adapt good oral habits in their lives. In fact, it is an established fact that most adults who suffer from dental issues have them rooted in their childhood. We offer a fun environment to help your kids maintain healthy oral habits.

Pediatric services offered

It is our aim at Sprout Kids Dentistry to bring about a change in the way children and their parents view dentists and dental appointments. When good oral habits and dental hygiene are experienced through fun learning methods, it makes every appointment seamless. During the dental appointments, we offer your kids pain-free treatments and you can opt for laughing gas and general anesthesia too. In case of tooth decay or damage, you have a choice from dental treatments or certain preventative measures. Our patients from Roxbury can choose from these pediatric treatment options:

About Roxbury, MA

Roxbury is a neighborhood within the city of Boston in Massachusetts. It is a dissolved municipality and one of 23 official neighborhoods of Boston which are used by the city for neighborhood services coordination. Roxbury serves as the “heart of Black Culture in Boston.” There is much to see and do when in Roxbury including the Boston Children’s Museum which was founded in 1913 by the Science Teacher’s Bureau. It is one of the largest children’s museums in the world and was created to instill a sense of arts and science in the youth of Boston. You can be educated about tribalism and the importance of authentic art at the Hamill Gallery of African Art. It is a 16,000 square feet wallpaper factory showcasing more than 40,000 pieces from Ghana, Mali, and Nigeria and displayed through 70 traveling exhibits. You can also enjoy several parks like the Urban Wilds, Highland Park and the Emma Lewis Playhouse Park which has annual concerts. Community culture can be witnessed through visual and performing arts at the Roxbury Center for the Arts, Culture and Trade. Public murals and sculptures can be seen down Malcolm X Boulevard and Ruggles Street. If you enjoy historical buildings, you must visit the Abbotsford, Cox Building, Blue Hill Avenue Synagogue, First Church of Roxbury and the Malcolm X and Ella Little-Collins House.

Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


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