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Pediatric Dentistry in Holbrook, MA

Sprout Kids Dentistry combines various procedures and techniques from different dental specialties to offer dental comfort to our young patients from Holbrook. Pediatric dentistry is a specialty that offers young people the required primary, therapeutic, and preventative dental treatments. We offer a wide range of procedures that address dental diseases in infants, children, children with special needs, and adolescents. Above all, we offer a fun environment that helps calm anxious patients who may be apprehensive about a dental appointment. When our patients are comfortable and free from anxiety, it helps us to instill lasting oral habits.

Dr. Anderson and her team of expert dentists offer personal dental care to children of all ages. Dr. Anderson strives to make that extra effort to understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of each patient, helping them get over their fear of dentists and dental appointments. When patients are calm, the team is also able to accurately diagnose their dental concerns and customize the most appropriate treatment. Sprout Kids Dentistry is also known for the special care and comfort provided to children with special needs, allowing them to overcome their fear of a new environment.

Unfortunately, it is common for parents to think that if their children brush their teeth on a regular basis, they do not require any further dental attention. You must understand that regular dental visits have several advantages. We consider dental appointments as opportunities to instill good oral habits in children that stay with them for life. Adults who struggle with dental issues usually have it rooted in their childhood. When children ignore their dental health, the habit mostly continues into adulthood as well. Our team makes sure they remain aware of the unique likes and dislikes of all patients so that they enjoy their dental appointments and are eager to come again.

Pediatric services

The goal of our team is to change how parents and kids perceive a dental visit. We make learning good dental hygiene fun for the kids ensuring each visit is seamless. Pediatric dentistry offers checkups, exams, and sedation. Every procedure offered at Sprout Kids Dentistry is painless, and during certain treatments, you may choose laughing gas or general anesthesia as well. We offer various dental treatments to help with tooth decay and damage. Our patients from Holbrook can choose from these pediatric services:

About Holbrook, MA

Holbrook is a town in Norfolk County of Massachusetts. It was the last town created from the former lands of Braintree and was formerly known as East Randolph since it was divided from Randolph by track from the Old Colony Railroad line. During the civil war, shoe production became a significant component of economic life in Holbrook. After the second world war, the town experienced a housing boom and became largely residential. There are some local jobs, but most residents commute to work in Greater Boston. You can enjoy pumpkin picking, farmer’s markets and vineyards and wineries around Holbrook. There are several museums as well nearby such as the Fuller Craft Museum and Brockton Planetarium in Brockton; and the Quincy House and the United States Naval Shipping Museum in Quincy.

Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.