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Our Approach

We’re Qualified

We teach kids good oral hygiene minus the “classic” fear of going to the dentist. That means staying healthy starts early so routine checkups are as easy as cartwheels and bike rides. We use age-based honesty and a “tell-show-do” approach to kids dentistry.

Positively Prepared

One parent might need to be close-by during dental visits but sooner or later your child will be saying, “I can go all by myself!” Then you’ll feel free to relax in our guest lounge while we teach your child how to care for their teeth. Next, we’ll share our suggestions with you so each of us understands how to keep your child focused, happy, and healthy.

Very Resourceful

Sky’s the limit when we’re talking to parents about healthy kids. We love sharing health tips and valuable information about oral care, nutrition, local events, sports, after-school programs, performing arts, and more. We’ll always do our best to answer your questions in a simple and informative manner.

Unbearably Fun

Time flies when we’re having fun together! Let’s meet at least twice a year to make sure your child’s oral health stays on target. You bring the kids and we’ll bring the fun!


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