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New Patient Exams

At Sprout Kids Dentistry, we understand that it is very important to make your child’s first visit as positive as possible.

During your child’s first exam at Sprout Kids Dentistry, you will meet our warm and friendly team and have the opportunity to discuss your child’s medical history. Next, we will examine your child’s teeth and gums. We will not recommend x-rays and/or panoramic radiographs be taken unless it is necessary. If needed, these x-rays help us to view teeth that have not pushed through the gums yet, as well as sinus conditions, potential problems in the jaw, and dental cavities.

During the first exam, if your child is anxious or overly nervous, a teeth cleaning may or may not happen. Your first visit is a time for us to get to know your child, understand the reasons for why your family is coming to see us, and your goals for your child’s smile. We understand the importance of a thorough consultation, so you have plenty of time to ask our team questions.

Overall, our goal is to provide a comfortable, calming, and fun dental environment for your child. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to schedule a new patient exam, contact our office today!


How much is a new patient dental exam?

The cost of appointments varies for all patients. To get an estimate on cost, you can contact our patient care coordinator.

What can I expect at my first dentist appointment?

During the first visit to our pediatric dentistry. We will discuss your child’s nutrition, oral hygiene, pacifier use or thumb sucking, and what to expect for your child’s dental care in the years to come.

How long should a teeth cleaning take?

Teeth cleanings last between 30 minutes to an hour on average. This is dependent on the patient and what needs to be done for their oral health.


Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


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