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Silver Fillings

Why are Silver Fillings Needed?

During your child’s dental exam, we may identify cavities and tooth decay through the use of X-rays and an exam. If a cavity is found, it must be treated with a filling. Silver fillings are a reliable option to restore the tooth structure.

How are Silver Fillings Placed?

Receiving dental fillings for the first time may cause your child to be nervous. Because of this, we help to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. This may include using pediatric conscious oral sedation or nitrous oxide. Local anesthetic will numb the tooth, and the decay will be removed. A hole will be created in the tooth, and amalgam will be used to fill it. Before the filling hardens, the dental amalgam will be shaped to fit the natural curves of your child’s tooth.

Are Silver Fillings Painful?

Following the numbing of the targeted tooth, your child will not feel any pain while the filling is placed. Your child may feel some tooth sensitivity after a silver amalgam filling has been placed, however, this feeling will disappear with time.

Benefits of Silver Fillings

Silver fillings are stronger than tooth-colored amalgam fillings or composite fillings, making them a great option for larger areas of tooth decay, They are also great for maintaining healthy tooth structure but should be combined with proper oral hygiene.

However, silver-colored fillings do not match the natural color of the teeth. These fillings can be used in areas that are difficult to reach. Silver fillings are also made of the least expensive type of dental filling materials.

If your child is in need of a filling and you would like to learn more about silver fillings, contact our Quincy, MA office today to schedule an appointment!


Are silver fillings dangerous?

Silver fillings have been used for over 150 years in dental patients. There is no scientific evidence of mercury poisoning in people who have these metal fillings done.

How long do silver fillings last?

Silver fillings have a long lifespan. They can last anywhere from 10-15 years before needing to be replaced.

Should silver fillings be removed?

Silver fillings are typically long-lasting and should be replaced every 10-15 years. There is no scientific evidence of adverse health effects or concerns relating to silver fillings.



Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


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