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Children are usually anxious and apprehensive about a dental visit. That is why Sprout Kids Dentistry in Randolph offers a fun environment for children of all ages, so that they forget their fear of dentists and learn to maintain good oral hygiene. Dr. Anderson and her team of expert dentists believe that their training does not end with just the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric issues, but also includes recognizing the different strengths and vulnerabilities of children. That is why they strive to go that extra mile to offer superior care to all their patients and comfort to those with special needs, as a new environment may be a higher source of anxiety to them.

We offer individualized attention to each child in order to make sure that every patient’s visit is scheduled at a time when they are at their most alert. We ensure that the unique likes and dislikes of our patients are kept in mind so that when they come for their appointment, they have a positive experience and are eager to continue their future dental visits. This works towards ensuring good lifelong oral habits and good health.

Our main goal is to change the way our patients and their parents feel about dental visits. Our fun-filled approach helps children learn good oral habits effortlessly. The procedures offered at Sprout Kids Dentistry are painless and easy, with the option of general anesthesia and laughing gas. We offer state of the art procedures as preventive measures as well as for treatments in case of tooth damage and decay.

Regular routine check-ups and cleaning are essential in getting your child accustomed to dental appointments and keeping their mouth healthy. During their visit, our team will check their teeth, jaw, bite, and gums. In case of any plaque or tartar buildup, we perform teeth cleaning using toothpaste and a motorized brush. A fluoride treatment protects the teeth from further buildup. We also show our young patients the proper way to clean and floss. When you bring your children for regular dental visits, at least twice in a year, it paves the way for lifelong dental health.

About Randolph, MA

Randolph is a town in the suburban city in the Norfolk County of Massachusetts. Formerly the home of several large shoe companies, the decline of the shoe industry in the beginning of the 12th century led to the evolution of Randolph as a suburban residential community. It is home to two nationally registered historic places, which are the Jonathan Belcher House, Ponkapoag Camp of Appalachian Mountain Club, and the Gills Farm Archaeological District. Only a small area of the town is drained by the Cochato River and Blue Hill River, which flow into the Neponset River. 

Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


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