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Pediatric dentistry is a specialty field that adapts different procedures and techniques which are used in different dental specialties that help us at Sprout Kids Dentistry to offer our young patients primary, preventative and therapeutic dental treatments. You can choose from a range of procedures which deal with dental diseases in infants, children, adolescents and children with special needs. Sprout Kids Dentistry offers a fun environment so that children who become anxious with the thought of a dental appointment can remain calm and comfortable. When our patients our comfortable, it allows us to instill good oral health habits in them.

Dr. Anderson and her team of expert dentists offer exceptional dental care to children of all ages. We endeavor to take the extra step to know each patient’s strength and weakness so that any apprehension about the dental appointment is eliminated. This helps our team make correct diagnosis of the dental issue ensuring the most suitable dental treatment can be customized. Sprout Kids Dentistry is also known for the special care and comfort provided to children with special needs so that they can easily overcome any fear of the new environment.

Most parents are of the opinion that regular brushing means no further dental visits are required. It is important to understand that visiting a dentist regularly has many benefits. We ensure that all appointments are scheduled at a time when our patients are at their most alert. These dental visits are equally important to us since they allow us to ensure kids learn good oral habits. Adults who are struggling with dental issues today usually find that it is rooted in their childhood. When you ignore your dental health in childhood, these habits are bound to continue in adulthood as well. Our team stays aware of the unique likes and dislikes of each patient so that they look forward to their dental visits.

Pediatric services

Our team of expert dentists strive to change how patients and their parents regard a dental visit. Learning good dental hygiene is made fun at Sprout Kids Dentistry so that each appointment is seamless. Pediatric dentistry includes checkup, examination and sedation. All procedures offered at our center are painless and you can also choose to get general anesthesia or laughing gas. In addition to preventive treatments, you can also opt for different treatments in case of tooth damage and decay. Here are the pediatric services our patients from Sharon can choose from:

About Sharon, MA

Sharon is a town in Norfolk County of Massachusetts. It is a part of Greater Boston and located about 17 miles southwest of downtown Boston. The town has a large number of scenic trails because of the high percentage of conservation land within the town’s borders. Some of these are the Massapoag Trail, the Warner Trail, the Bay Circuit Trail and the King Philip’s Rock Trail. There are several trails at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary and Borderland State Park. The Lake Massapoag is the town’s most prominent feature and also a popular recreational site for boating and swimming. It is also largely responsible for the town’s early development as a summer resort location. Sharon has repeatedly been included on CNN Money’s annual list of best places to live in the US.

Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


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