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Pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty for the dental treatment of children. It adapts different dental procedures as well as techniques from other specialty areas in order to offer primary, preventative and therapeutic treatments to children. Dr. Anderson at Sprout Kids Dentistry offer infants, children, and adolescents, (including children with special needs) from Quincy comprehensive treatments for a range of dental diseases.

We strive to make every dental visit fun for children since most kids do not feel comfortable within a dental setting. Sprout Kids Dentistry offers an encouraging environment to help children deal with any anxiety or fear regarding a dental appointment. It is our goal to help every child maintain good oral health.

Dr. Anderson and her team of dentists offer unparalleled dental care for children. We especially understand the different strengths and susceptibilities, likes and dislikes of children with special needs and ensure they remain comfortable during their time with us. All appointments are only set at a time when they are at their most alert. We also encourage parents to be a part of the entire procedure so that their anxiety is lessened. When our patients are comfortable, it also helps us to diagnose dental issues accurately and offer the most suitable treatment. In order to help our patients, we offer in-office sleep dentistry.


IV sedation or general anesthesia is offered to patients who are very anxious about their dental procedure, special needs children, or very young children. When your kid is under general anesthesia, they will be in a sleep-like state and unaware of the dental procedure. It is the best option for patients who have extensive tooth decay or for those who need to undergo a surgical dental procedure.

We offer all general anesthesia procedures at the Franciscan Children’s Hospital where an expert anesthesiologist, Dr. Patrick D. McCarty, will administer the anesthesia while Dr. Anderson performs the procedure. Your child’s breathing and vital signs will be constantly monitored by Dr. McCarty while they are asleep. Dr. McCarty is an expert dental anesthesiologist whose goal is to make safe and effective anxiety and pain control widely available to patients. It may take a few hours for the effects of anesthesia to wear off, and you must keep an eye on children after their procedure.

How is sedation beneficial for your child?

When your child is anxious about the dental procedure, it is beneficial to have them sleeping during the procedure. When the child is completely asleep, it allows Dr. Anderson and her team to complete the procedure quickly and efficiently, including taking x-rays, cleaning, filling, and other dental procedures that may be required. Talk to us if you have more questions about in-office sleep dentistry and general anesthesia and we will be happy to answer them. It is our goal at Sprout Kids Dentistry to help you children maintain good dental health and hygiene, whether it is through an in-office procedure, requires sedation or general anesthesia.

About Quincy, MA

Quincy is the largest city in the Norfolk county in Massachusetts. It is one of Boston’s immediate suburbs in the South and part of Metropolitan Boston. There are several parks like the Adams National Historic park and the Marina Bay that you can enjoy. Specialty museums like the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum and the USS Salem are crowd-pullers. Various other historical museums and water sports activities in Quincy and neighboring Boston make it a great getaway.

Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


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