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Pediatric dentistry in Milton, MA

We understand that children often get anxious about a dental visit and we ensure that the environment at Sprout Kids Dentistry is fun for all ages. This helps our young patients from Milton get over their fear and apprehension so that we can help them develop good oral hygiene habits. Dr. Anderson and her team of expert dentists diagnose and treat pediatric concerns and take into consideration the various strengths and susceptibilities of each patient. We go that extra mile to offer each of children superior comfort and care. Children with special needs may feel more anxious and every comfort is provided to them to help them feel easy in the dental setting.

We offer individual attention to each child so that the visit can be scheduled at a time when he or she would be most alert. Our team ensures that we are aware of the specific likes and dislikes of each child and that is probably why our patients look forward to keeping up with their dental appointments. It also helps us to maintain our goal which is to make sure that all patients develop oral habits that are long-lasting.

Dr. Anderson and her team of dentists offer optimal results and unparalleled dental care. When our patients from Milton feel comfortable at the center, it helps our team diagnose their concerns accurately and offer them the best treatment.

Unfortunately, several parents are under the impression that if their children brush their teeth well, they do not require regular dental visits. It is important to realize the many benefits of taking your children for regular dental visits. With regular checkups, children develop good oral hygiene habits. Kids who ignore dental hygiene continue to do so as adults too and most adults with dental issues have their issues rooted in their childhood. When you bring your children to the fun and learning environment at Sprout Kids Dentistry, you ensure they remain healthy overall.

Pediatric services offered

Our goal at Sprout Kids Dentistry is to change how parents and children feel about dental visits. We make learning dental hygiene and good oral habits fun for our young patients so that each visit is easy and seamless for kids and their parents. All the procedures we offer are pain-free and we have the option of general anesthesia and laughing gas. In the case of tooth decay and damage, you can choose both dental treatments as well as preventative measures. Here are the procedures our patients from Milton can choose from:

About Milton, MA

Milton is a town in the Norfolk County of Massachusetts. It is an affluent suburb of Boston and also the birthplace of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush and architect Buckminster Fuller. Milton is located between the Neponset River and the Blue Hills. There are 30 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places including the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, Granite Railway, and Suffolk Resolves House. Robert Bennet Forbes was a China Trade merchant, sea captain, and philanthropist during the Irish famine. The Greek Revival mansion he built in 1833, the Captain Robert Bennet Forbes House is listed and open for tours. Other than artifacts from China Trade period, it also features a log cabin replica and a collection of Lincoln memorabilia. Some other places of interest are Blue Hills Reservation, Eustis Estate, and Turner’s Pond. Cycling is a popular kind of transportation and recreation in the town. The Neponset River Greenway reconnected with Boston Harbor via the Port Norfolk, Dorchester. Some other cycling locations and routes include Brook Road, Turner’s Road, Blue Hills Parkway, Milton Cemetery, and the Pine Tree Brook Greenway.    

Dr. Michelle Anderson is a pediatric dentist board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.


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